Head em up!

The DOR and I went cow sorting Wednesday.  I am happy to report I was a rock star!  Well okay I will tell the truth, I was a bit naughty.  Our first two sorts I was a good boy and worked hard.  The DOR was so proud of me and the job I was doing.  Then we had to wait for others to have a turn.  I got irritated about standing waiting to chase cows so I bucked-yes I threw a spotty butt fit.  The DOR made me trot around, but not with the cows, so I bucked some more.  We went in for our third sort and I cut loose with some crazy skills.  I showed I could buck and sort at the same time.
Now while I was not being a particularly good citizen the DOR and I were having a blast.  She does feel that I was being good for my third ride of the year and all the excitement.  We are going again next Wednesday and sort some more.
From the horse that could barely hold up his own rear to this...  The DOR asked the Horse Guardian if she ever thought she would see me sorting cows and she said no.  Just goes to show you should never under estimate an appy we are tough as nails and to stubborn to throw in the towel.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Florida Beach Basics said...

good news indeed - now just mind your manners a little bit!


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