Pedicures and bulls

We all got pedicures yesterday.  The hoof lady said we were all pretty good.  I got my shoes taken off until next spring.  This means I get a bit of a break until my soles get used to being on the ground again.
Little Sister, who is not so little anymore, stepped on the DOR's right foot and re broke her toe.  That poor little toe has been broken several times, all but one of those times caused by a horse hoof.  Yep, the DOR got a big ol' appy hoof award!
The Rodeo Rider and The Mighty Q drug Bob the bull around the arena.  It is harder than it looks because Bob is heavy and the little wheels are not much help in the sand.  Next ride is going to be out with real cows.  The DOR still shakes her head every time she thinks about how close Q came to loosing his life.  How humans, in their lack of understanding horse behavior, would have deemed him dangerous.  Q was a big/strong horse who was misunderstood and needed to be treated in a manner that he could understand.  He is just a big love of a guy.  The most dangerous thing about him is he would love to crawl in your lap if you would let him.
Hanna also took her first ride out in the cow pasture with the Rodeo Rider aboard.  The DOR didn't get to do any riding because of her toe, but she will be back in the saddle soon enough.
We are getting ready for our upcoming clinic.  Robin Shen of Enlightened Horsemanship will be coming to the ranch.  After he gets past the awesomeness of the herd, especially my spotted butt, he will be coaching the humans on how to pay better attention to us.  The DOR is very excited about the whole affair.  I am excited to show Mr. Shen how well I have trained my human. 
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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