I be stylin'

The DOR bought me a new saddle.  It is a Tucker Gen II trail saddle.  I think it looks very nice on me.  It is a lot lighter than my Western saddle and has shorter skirts so it doesn't bother my hips. 
It will take the  DOR and I a bit of getting used to, but all in all it is a great deal as far as I am concerned.  The DOR has to get used to the extra swing the stirrups have, she says it is like riding an English saddle.  I do know that she likes the fact that it is so much lighter as much, if not more than I do.
The one worry I have is that it might make my butt look big.. stinky face Shandy says it is my big butt that makes my butt look big. She keeps up that kind of talk and the lumps I leave with a big ol' appy hoof are going to make her butt look big.
Well here is to many happy trails!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


squirrelmama said...

There is truly nothing like a fine saddle CJ. Wishing you luck with it and don't worry yourself about your butt!!


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