By now you all know how I feel about white things, Salty not included because he is a horse.
I am also not too sure about llamas, they smell funny and they spit! The male llamas run around hacking at each other and sometimes they let fly with some NASTY stuff.
There are three llamas at the ranch, two brown ones and one white one. Usually they are in with the cows. They are supposed to protect the ranch animals from the neighbors dogs. The gate between the cows and my pasture had to be opened so Pasca could be buried. Well that is when these opportunists made a break for it, they bolted into my pasture. Now I realized they might want to hang out with the coolest critter at the ranch, but I don't want them hanging out with me. As soon as I could I did my giant male llama imitation. I snorted, blew, and made all kinds of weird noises hoping to scare them off. The two brown ones realized they were out classed, but the white one wouldn't leave.
I kept Shandi up by the barn so the white llama couldn't bother her. I stayed up there with her in case he decided to come after her. I was protecting her even though the DOR said I was being a big chicken. I eventually went out into the pasture, I ran around like I was crazy, I bugged my eyes out, I snorted, I convinced the white llama I had rabies and he headed for his two brown friends in the pasture next to us. The DOR said I looked like I was scared to death, but I wasn't. I was using my rabid horse tactic to get him to leave and it worked! I hope he stays with his friends, I hope they all stay in the next pasture, I hope they stay far enough from the fence that they can't spit at me and I don't have to smell them.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Jocelyn said...

Don't feel bad Jack, my husband Shawn has bad LLama juju as well. They hate him.

What is it with horses and white things?

Desert Rose said...

Jack...so it's blue and white you don't like??? Come on Kid...you gotta cowhorse up and get over it!

Florida Beach Basics said...

I've heard llamas make good guards - apparently it's true? marge


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