Freedom speaks Saturday-twerps

This is Salty the Wonder Horse....

This is Darby the new horse. There were a few seconds yesterday afternoon that I thought I was going senile. Two white horses, it is easy for an old guy to get confused.
Salty has always thought he is all that and a bag of chips. He has no idea he is a gimp, he prances around and shows off all of the time. Darby has been a lesson horse, used to being stabled until a few years ago. When he left the stable on the west side and moved this way he didn't have any company in his pasture. So he isn't used to being in an open pasture with other horses.
Now I understand the need to set the pecking order. But this one should be easy to sort out. I am the silent/standoffish boss, Salty is in the middle and acts like he is the boss, and the youngster should be at the bottom. Well the two twerps didn't want to take the easy solution. No they had to disturb my peaceful pasture! At first is was a bit of squealing, then there was prancing, and then they settled down in their corners. I would wander between the two. I have to admit that I liked having Darby groom my neck, so maybe the youngster will work out. The DOR stayed out for two hours until she was sure things were settled and quiet, then she left. She shouldn't have left because that is when the rumpus began!
The mares in the pasture next to ours caught Darby's eye. They started flirting with the new guy and Salty took umbrage. Salty had to start chasing Darby away from the mares and Darby would go snaking back. Before you know it a gate is jarred and the mares came over to visit the new guy. The new guy was happy for the company, but Salty felt the he was overstepping his place. Salty herded the mares around to keep them away from Darby, Darby followed. By the time the DOR came out to give us dinner all of us geldings had moved to the pasture by the barn and the mares had taken over our pasture. Darn mares, darn prancing geldings, and darn ruckus.
The DOR took me back to the pasture, then she put Salty back, and Darby put himself back-he didn't need help (he seems to be able to think a bit). Salty immediately started herding the mares again and Darby proceeded to try and steal them. The DOR was busy trying to catch the lead mare but was being thwarted by the two geldings. All I could do was stand, watch, and laugh...it was grand entertainment. Finally every one got sorted out and put in their places.
I can tell the addition of Darby the twerp (he is only 20) is going to make the pasture more exciting. I am voting that the next horse the DOR brings to my pasture is at least 30 years old, these youngsters can be a bit much.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Anonymous said...

Darby sounds like a charmer, Jack - I'll bet you'll grow to like him, especially if he keeps up the grooming!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Freedom, you aren't Jack and I know the difference!

Betty said...

Sounds like your life has gotten very interesting with Darby and a white llama. How is your chicken?
~~Hugs and Smooches to you and Jack~~

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Trudy is doing well. She is living in the barn getting spoiled.


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