Quote for the week

"Every good ride I have ever had is do to the compassion of a good horse and the grace of God. Every bad ride I have ever had has been my own damn fault"
~The DOR to her trainer

All of the DORs horses are fortunate that she never blames us for her riding problems. Sometimes I think she is a bit too forgiving. There have been times that Sir Darby and I have both been naughty and it had nothing to do with what she was doing. The DOR will just say, "I should have checked them out better on the ground before I got on." She also thinks that maybe sometimes she pushes too hard or asks for too much. I think it is time that she learns that sometimes we are just naughty like little children and need to be told to grow up and stop it... That aside, her philosophy does make it a lot nicer to work with her. Most of her horses try harder for her because of it. We don't want to let her down, she has placed so much faith in us.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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