Faux Wrangler

The DOR is home after four days on the mountain pretending to be a wrangler.  The horse that made her look good for this adventure was Stormy.  The DOR found that funny because when she was much younger she rode a strawberry roan named Stormy who lived up to his name.  The Stormy she rode on the mountain was a wonderful horse.  The only way the DOR could have done better is if I was on the mountain this time with her.
I am not sure what she was wrangling though.  Here she is holding a wounded snake.  Maybe she thought she was a snake wrangler.

She spent a lot of time watching wild life.  I bet she was trying to figure out what kind of costume to make them wear and how to get it on them.
But her favorite place to be was in the saddle with a bunch of riders.  I am glad she loved being on the mountain, she was sad to leave.  I am thrilled she is home, ready to spoil me like I should be.  Maybe next time she and I can go together.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. One summer we went to a wilderness resort in the Chilcotin part of the BC interior. They had horses as a part of the deal and we rode through lots of wonderful back country. Of course I made friends with the wrangler and got to help bring the horses in and get them ready for the "dudes." That was some of the best riding I've ever had. - Margy

Breathe said...

Glad this Stormy didn't live up to the name!

Sounds like it was too fun, hope the little snake made it through.


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