I won gold!!!!

The DOR was so pleased with me at the summer games that she is giving me a medal.  I have to say she is a more confident DOR and that made things nicer for me.  I also have to admit, while I poked fun at all her new gee gaws for the clinic, my new bit if the bomb!  It doesn't poke or pinch me and I like the roller on it. 
I was a rock star for the ground work.  In the obstacle course in-hand nothing bothered me...okay the car wash was a problem.  The DOR decided that she would walk beside me through it and I walked slowly an calmly, I even stopped with her in the middle of it.  I have discovered that she will never ask me to do something she wouldn't do herself or that she thinks in dangerous.
I was a good boy in the arena...I get bored in the arena.  I lead all of the horses out of the arena and out for riding tour of the obstacle course.  Then I tackled the obstacles...I completed things I have never done before.  I moved flags, before I wouldn't even let the DOR pick them up.  I played soccer, before I didn't like the ball coming at me.  In fact I love soccer now!  I was pushing the ball with my nose, side passing in the open to get the ball, and I made goooooooooals.
I showed the DOR that I can almost run backwards when it came to pulling the cow model.  I even pulled it with a young man sitting on the cow...I am sooo strong.
It was a great day for all of us.  Good friends, great successes, and lots of laughs.
The DOR is headed to Sun Mountain Riding Stables for a few days.  She is going up for some more rehab...she works on her confidence and bravery there. I am looking forward to see how far she progresses.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Florida Beach Basics said...

I'm so proud of you and DOR! You've come soooo far! Hope you got lots of treats :)

Mountain Woman said...

A BIG congratulations to both of you. You both worked hard and deserved the award. Just shows you how having a DOR who is willing to go the extra mile makes a difference in life. She is a star too but you together are a fantastic team.


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