Force of impact

I am not sure why, maybe it was pure insanity, but the DOR decided to figure the force of her impact from when I had my werehorse incident and fractured her pelvis.  Here is what she found:
Velocity at impact 31.63 feet per second.  Force of impact 593.01 pounds. 
Wow that appears to be some giant wreck, yet still she loves me best and worked so hard for us to be able to ride together again.  I even bucked with her a bit last week and still she mounts up with a smile and enjoys the ride.
It seems she has learned forgiveness from all of the horses that she has rescued from horrible circumstances.  Horses forgive and continue to try to build relationships with humans, I am glad she has learned this lesson.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

Gigondas made up with me today. She'd been a $*TCH for 3 weeks...ignoring me, turning her BUTT to me, not looking at me, refusing her feed...today I got her haltered and lunged her and let her out in the arena. Go figure. I was able to tell her what a wonderful girl she is...I guess she forgave me?

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Sounds like she did :)


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