DOR the Wrangler

The DOR went up to our favorite mountain and played Faux Wrangler for four days.  She rode this big guy.  His name is Lucky and he is part of a team that pulls some of the wagons.  He was ridden for a bit ten years ago.  He is such a sweet, smart, and kind guy that he has now been restarted under saddle to be a guest horse. 
Lucky was subjected to the DOR's antics.  She and lucky were the big caboose on the rides.  While there she flapped like a chicken, swung her legs around, waved all kinds of stuff, leaned like a trunk, and made silly noises...all with the intent of disconcerting poor Lucky.  At first he was upset, then he just decided that she was nuts.
The DOR is going to ride him every time she is up at the mountain, unless I go with her, so that he will be a wonderful guest horse soon.
Wait until I tell you about her epic fail!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR! 



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