Mixed Bag

It was farrier day this weekend.  Tahkoe was good about getting caught in the big pasture.  She also got her feet done like a big girl out in the pasture and did not need to have a wall on one side to feel secure.  She even followed the DOR around for a bit after she was turned loose. 
This evening she even came over for scritches.  She is growing up.

The Mighty Q started out good.  He even stood for the farrier with his rope looped around a panel while the farrier trimmed his feet.  When it came time to rasp, or maybe it was the camera, he decided it was time to scoot out of there.  He pulled a few more shenanigans and then settled down.  

 He then went to work getting ready for endurance riding.  He trotted and loped for one hour straight and it only took him three minutes to recover.  That boy has lungs!
I am getting my dancing shoes on Friday.  I will be heading to the hills and showing some green horses how it is done.  The DOR and I will also be starting dressage lessons.  We are going to do a show in July...it is on her bucket list.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Island Hopes said...

awwww, I wish I had a horse like that


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