Not an appy camper

The DOR took me down to the arena to play for a bit. After we were done she tied me up to a post to wait for the farrier.  It looks like the wait will go just fine, but looks are deceiving.
I didn't want to wait patiently, I didn't want to wait impatiently, I did not want to wait at all!
Now you think with all my experience I would be a good waiter.  Usually I am a patient waiter.  I spent hours tied to a hitching post last year, no problem.  I spent lots of time on the high-line at trail horse boot camp-I would say no sweat, but it was hot and I did sweat a lot while I patiently waited.  So what was so difficult about today you ask?  I have one word for you MARES!
The mares are in the pasture right next to mine now.  They look and smell so good!  I spend a lot of time just giving them moony eyes.  They all love me because I give good neck scritches over the fence.  So there I am tied up with no mares.  I called and called to them so they would not forget me or think I had abandoned them.
The farrier arrived and I was a good boy for her.  Well as good as I could be considering I had mares to moon over.  I got my dancing shoes on and then the DOR lead me back to my pasture.  When I got to the gate Hanna was there waiting for me.  She woofled to me and we snuck in a couple of smooches while the DOR was opening the gate to my pasture (I would not have complained if she had put me in with the mares).  The DOR made an ugly donkey face when she caught us smooching saying, "Yuck Boogie, quit kissing your sister!"
Humans are so silly sometimes.  Don't they know that you should let the ones you love know it?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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