Bunny hops lead to bunny trots

  Here I am with my little sister Dandi.  We are waiting patiently for our humans to get their acts together so we can go riding.  The DOR was busy fussing around with another horse when she should have been giving me her total undivided attention.
We had five riders out today and did a simple quadrille.  I tried to let the DOR to let me lope, she said that I had to wait until tomorrow.  I didn't like that answer so I did my imitation of a bunny hoping around the arena.  The DOR rewarded my behavior by making me trot, trot, trot until I begged her to let me stop.  I guess bunny hoping lead to bunny trotting.  That was not a good idea because it made me have to work harder than I wanted to be working.
The DOR has me started on my immune booster regime.  That is nice because I get a treat every day.  I even like the vitamins and herbs that are in it.
Tomorrow is farrier day.  I am going to have pretty feet for next weekends clinic.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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