The training of the DOR has paid off

  I hate to brag about myself, oh who am I kidding I love to brag about myself!  I took the DOR to a Barb Apple Cowboy Dressage clinic last Sunday and Monday.  I have never been to a dressage clinic and the DOR has not ridden dressage since high school (and we all know that was before home computers and cell phones).
I was on my very best Boogie behavior.  I did need to have a couple of snorts and a hop or two just to keep her on her toes.  The DOR was not bothered at all by my behavior, in fact she kept telling me what a good boy I was.  I was glad to see this because it shows she is getting more confidence.  I walked, trotted, side-passed, backed up, turned on the haunches and forehand, and stopped quickly all on a loose rein.  The DOR worked hard on maintain a loose, light hand the entire clinic and she did pretty good.
The clinician even pointed out to the group how light the DOR was on the rein and how she used her pinkie finger to give me cues.  She also noticed the the DOR could get me to turn with just her body-big turns, little turns I was turning.  She complimented the DOR on her posture and for being very balanced when she rides.  The secret to her being balance is a tactic that I have employed without notice.  I will secretly pick out an object that then jump to the side when we get there. Now if she isn't balanced she could fall off so she makes sure to stay as balanced as possible at all times.  One of these days I am going to catch her slipping and the BLAM she will kiss the dirt.  I am not being mean, I just want to help her become a better rider.
It was very cold after the first day of the clinic and I was sweaty.  The DOR quickly put my new blanket on me, I was glad to have it even if it was pink.
I just found out today the the DOR will be heading to the mountain to wrangle weekend rides during May.  Maybe you can come up and ride with us sometime.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Florida Beach Basics said...

Glad you had a good day - you and DOR have made a lot of progress! marge


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