New jammies and I am not amused


Today the DOR was out getting things ready to take off early in the morning. She gave me my treats and then told me she wanted to try my new jammies on me. She wants to make sure that if it is chilly tomorrow evening that I will stay nice and warm. So she halters me up and leads me over to where the blanket is draped over a panel, it is a nice and shiny black and will look so good on me. The DOR picks up the blanket and goes to drape it on me....wait, wait, wait! Why are you turning the black to my fur, what is up with the pink zebra stripes? This is so wrong, I am the president of the He Man Gelding Club for gosh sakes. To top it off she didn't even do this in private, she put it on me in front of all of my pasture mated and the horse guardian. She kept telling me that only real He Man Geldings can wear pink-I am not buying that pile of cow poop!
The blanket is close to the same color as the flag that I absolutely do not like having move from one side of my back to the other. The DOR thinks these jammies will help me learn to be more tolerant of bright colors. I am thinking a launching will help the DOR become more tolerant of flying....
Well it looks that while the DOR is pulling on her big girl panties and riding a clinic that has her nervous, I will have to man up and brave the cold so I do not get laughed out of the pasture that we are spending the night in while at the clinic.
The DOR best be wearing green tomorrow or I might be pinching off her head.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

I say "Launch the DOR!" Really, PINK? On a gelding like us? I hope my DOR Never does that to me!
~~Your bud,

Florida Beach Basics said...

I think you loook stunning - you're one of the few I can think of that could carry off this look successfully!

jc said...

Major sends his sympathies!


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