Not rigid

The DOR is becoming less rigid in her expectations of me.  Not that she has reduced what she expects, she is just changing the way that she is approaching these expectations.
She is lighter with her hands, emotions, and pressure.  She is focusing on one step at a time.  She is as focused on herself as she is on me.  So how does this translate to me?  I am less nervous because she is more clear and I know what she wants.  When she doesn't get what she wanted, she looks to how she asked instead of assuming I was naughty.  When she over cues and I let her know, with a hop or two, she just relaxes and waits until I am calm again instead of yanking me around in a tight circle.
In short I am enjoying being with her so much that when she calls my name I hurry to meet her.  We are a team and it is fun.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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