Freedom speaks Saturday

Take a look folks! I am 47 years old and still a good weight. I am not has beefy as I have been in the past, that is because I have to keep lighter to be able to move better. The vet said I was too fat and had fat deposits places other than the bank where they belong.
There is a horse a few miles from us that the DOR has kept an eye on, he is terribly skinny and lonely. She stops and talks to the owner and even takes feed there. This past week she asked the owner to let the horse come here and live with me. The owner thinks the horse is skinny because it is old. The horse is only 37 years old, heck I was working cows at 37 and trotting trails at 42. The horses owner loves her horse, so please don't say mean things. You see a lot of people don't realize that old horses, even some of the ones with teeth, can't survive on hay-we just can't process it right. The DOR is going to work with a couple of friends and put together a flyer on nutrition for older horses. She is going to put it at feed stores, give it to vets, farriers, and equine dentists to help people who are trying to figure out how to keep us oldsters in good shape.
I think I should be the cover model.
Life is sooooo good!


One Red Horse said...

This is such a good idea. I'd love to have a copy to share with horse owners where I live.


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