Laws for the DOR

There will be troop of Police Horses to issue infractions for not obeying the following laws governing the DOR:
1. The DOR will provide a minimum of 10 minutes of scritching daily.
2. The DOR will provide appropriate treats each evening.
3. The DOR will not ask me to do work while I am eating.
4. The DOR will give me a blankie when I want one, even if she thinks I am not cold.
5. The DOR will make sure to play games with me..I especially like to play tag.
6. The DOR will make sure to give me vacation time that amounts to no less than three months a year and winter break does not count (just because she thinks it is too cold to ride)

I am sure there are more laws I can come up with if I work at it.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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