Not Just Any Pete

Not Just Any Pete is staying with us for a couple of weeks. He will then head to Ellensburg. He belongs to Rodeo City Equine Rescue. Pete's trainer placed him with RCER when his owner decided he didn't want him any more.

Pete is working on gaining weight, learning about pasture life, and is even learning a bit about living in a herd. Life is different at the ranch, he is used to a small paddock and race tracks.

He likes getting scritches from Mushboy and is very quiet around him. Pete is a big love of a horse. He is very gentle and just floats when he moves. He nickers when he sees us and trots over when you call him to get loved on. He follows politely when the DOR carries his grain bucket in, he doesn't try to get it or get pushy, he waits until it is hung up and she is out of the way. He leads nicely with a rope around his neck. He is going to be a grand horse for someone.

If you are looking for a nice horse with lots of potential contact RCER

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Poor Pete, how could anyone not want him anymore and give him up to an uncertain future. He looks very sweet, hope he finds a loving home.

Mountain Woman said...

He's beautiful. I just rehabed a very skinny horse and he's now the picture of health. I hate to see underfed horses with an uncertain life. So glad he found you. You are an angel.


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