Freedom speaks Saturday

This is me and my friend. His name is Freckles, I call him Curly Friend. He is a kind horse and stands by me as often as possible. He has even worked his way into my pasture a few times.
I like him a lot. He smooches me, doesn't steal my food, and is a mellow laid back guy. Sometimes I toss my feed tub over to him when I have eaten all of the sweet feed out of it.
I am so glad that such a kind horse has chosen to be my friend, it keeps this old guy happy. I do have one wish though-Curly Friend needs a human of his own. He is a bit lonely and wants his own human, one that will keep him forever-he doesn't like change.
The farrier is coming today. Time for me to work up all my strength and stand to have my feet done. Maybe Curly Friend will help me.
Life is sooooo good!


BUSH BABE said...

There ain't nothing like a (paddock) mate! I love watching the shenanigans that go on here between our various characters... too cute!


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