Grumpy Old Horse Ranch News

It has been an eventful week at Grumpy Old Horse Ranch. The ranch said goodbye to a good horse this week. Friend is now with Freedom keeping a watchful eye on the horses and humans of the ranch.

Sir Darby surprised the DOR by waltzing with her at liberty. She had never asked him to waltz before and she was so pleased at his willingness to do so at liberty. Sir Darby is prepping her for her first dressage show...he has a lot of work to do, but he is a loving and patient teacher.

Shandi is going through a growth spurt which has us all cheering. With the SCC being over six feet tall she needs so height so he won't feel silly on her. She turns three years old in three months and depending on her size, she will head out to the trainer this summer for a month or two. Then she will come home and have a vacation.

Jack is as goofy as ever. As soon as the DOR's shoulder is back to snuff he will be getting ponied to build up his strength. The DOR would like to get back to riding him this summer if possible. Jack on the other hand likes being the ranch clown. I have a feeling the two of them will have to come to some kind of agreement soon.

I am now the elder statesman of the herd. It is my responsibility to keep things in balance. I just let things work themselves out and stay as clean as I possibly can. I will be heading to the arena this weekend. Mushboy and I still go to the arena and play. I love going to the arena...I get to show off and be the center of attention.

Well that is all the news from Grumpy Old Horse Ranch were not all the horses are old and Sir Darby is the only one who is grumpy.


Cheryl Ann said...

I'm glad there aren't TOO MANY grumpy creatures at the ranch! I get grumpy myself every now and then and I kick up my heels!

Breathe said...

A big week indeed - Green pastures and blue skies, Friend.


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