Grumpy Old Horse Ranch News

The ranch has been quiet this week. It has been nice to have time to enjoy the nice weather and play with friends.
The DOR has been teaching Mushboy how to drive. I think her hair has gotten whiter this week as a result. Soon she will look like Sir Darby and I.
The DOR might be bringing in another race horse to rehab and rehome. If this one does get to come here she is going to have to work on its knees to get it sound. Once it is sound it will be retrained and then hopefully enter into a therapeutic riding program. The entire herd is hoping it will work out, especially us geldings because she is a lovely filly.
I wanted to share this video clip with you, I hope you enjoy it.
That is all the news from Grumpy Old Horse Ranch were not all the horses are old and Sir Darby is the only one who is grumpy.


Leah Fry said...

Jack, it sounds like you have a crush already!


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