Old appys and little kids

This gentle old soul is Aunt Bee. She was rescued by RCER and is rehabbing at the ranch for now. She is a registered appaloosa and has spent her life taking care of her riders. When her usefulness declined because of her age her owners quit taking good care of her, they tossed her aside. Poor payment for a job well done.
This weekend she became the first horse that the DOR's grand daughter had ever touched, ever groomed. She became the first horse that this little girl has fallen in love with. How can you place a value on that? How can you watch a little girl and her dad gently groom a horse, enjoying the moment, finding calm, feeling peace and say that Aunt Bee is no longer useful?
The DOR finds watching a human fall in love with a horse for the first time so special to watch. She also thinks Aunt Bee is a very special lady. Some where in the world are other Aunt Bee's waiting for their opportunity to help a little kid fall in love with a horse...Personally I hope they all meet up soon because the world would be a much better place.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

Syndi, what a beautiful, moving story! Yes, I remember when I was very young and I played among my great-uncle's thoroughbreds at Santa Anita, Del Mar, and Hollywood Park! While his horses weren't old, they were racing horses, and I vowed to save as many of them as I could, which led to me now having 5 horses! Thank you for sharing that story!

Powell River Books said...

What a beautiful story and a new life for a horse. - Margy

Florida Beach Basics said...


Desert Rose said...

Oh...I think aunt bee is a beauty!!! I hope she finds her forever home soon!


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