Grumpy Old Horse Ranch News

This morning was 11 degrees as the farrier and equine therapist pulled into the ranch. The DOR had on three shirts, fleece lined jeans, fleece leg and neck warmers (made by her friend Jody), gloves, and a hat...she was having a hard time moving with all those clothes on. The DOR and SCC were bundled up so much that if they tipped over they would probably need help getting up.
Coelho, Shandi, and I got our feet done and we were very good for the farrier. The therapist gave me an adjustment...it felt wonderful. She also worked on Darby. The DOR was going to take a lesson on Jack, but she was so bundled up and would have struggled getting on and off of Jack. As it was time just ran out so they didn't get to the lesson.

We were all shocked to see the 32 year-old horse who boards here give the farrier a really hard time. We have seen some hard to trim horses before, but this guy put them all to shame.

The farrier will be back next week to trim Sir Darby and Jack, along with other horses.

That is all the news from Grumpy Old Horse Ranch where not all the horses are old and Sir Darby is the only one who is grumpy.



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