Grumpy Old Horse Ranch News

The Wrestler is down visiting Mushboy for the weekend. All of us horses love it when the Wrestler visits. He and Mushboy groom all of us and we get to play. We also manage to mooch extra treats.
I am hoping that I get to go to the arena and play soccer or get ridden.
Shandi managed to remove her tail wrap and now her tail is in dread locks. The SCC is going to have a mess to clean up.
Sir Darby is gearing up to carry the DOR in their first clinic of the season. They are taking a trail prep clinic. I bet that means she plans of lots of trail rides.
Jack has carried a rider and did really well. He misses having me in the pasture with him, but I am watching over a horse that needs me.
Coelho will be going to the same clinic as Sir Darby. The SCC will work on his trail riding skills.
Well I could show them all how it is done-after all I am Salty the Wonder Horse.
That is all the news from Grumpy Old Horse Ranch were not all the horses are old and Sir Darby is the only one who is grumpy.


Leah Fry said...

Anything for extra treats, according to my Boyz.


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