Ony if you do it first....

The DOR had me the arena working out tonight.
First I had to do "carrot stretches"...there were no carrots involved, but I did get a horse treat. I had to reach my head down between my legs to get a treat from her hand. This move was not all that hard for me to do.
Then I had to reach my head around to both sides while she stood at my withers. Problem with this move is I am so muscle bound that when I reach around I tip my head sideways and actually drop it down to my elbow. The DOR wanted me to keep my ears level and my head at wither height, whatever! I will do that when she can bend over and touch her toes-how does that sound hmmmm?
She had me work on the lunge line. I had to walk and trot over poles and work my way through the tire obstacle. Part of the poles were raised up off the ground so I had to work on getting my legs picked up. Then, as if I had not worked hard enough, she had me go out of the arena to a hill. I thought I was going to get to graze for being such a good boy, but nooooo. I had to back up and then back down the hill four times. Does she know how hard that makes my rear work?
I did get a lot of "Good boy Boogie" and treats so I guess it wasn't all bad. I think that I will be feeling it in the morning.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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