Pansy boy

See those leg supports? I think having to wear two of them would be bad enough, but wearing a set on all four legs...that is just toooo much. However it isn't me that has to wear them it is Sir Royal Pain. The DOR got them for him to use at the trail clinic so he doesn't bang or scratch his delicate legs.
I think it is hilarious that he has to wear them. I was rolling in the grass laughing. The SCC saw me and thought I had a tummy ache until he realized was was giggling.
The DOR put an end to by fun though by telling me that I might have to wear them to when I am back to work. I would be laughed out of the "He man gelding club" for sure if she does that. I don't know but that might call for a werehorse incident. I
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


mrscravitz said...

These are cool! Where did you get them? I need to get Libby some and possibly Poncho.

Florida Beach Basics said...

I'm still working that "he man gelding club" over in my mind - interesting concept!

Perhaps you could get them in pinstripes.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Mrs Cravitz the DOR got them at Old Mill in Ellensburg, but you can order them on line.

Desert Rose said...

I don't blame you Jack...Jesse wouldn't like to wear those sissy wrap either! However...Lady would adore them ;)


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