How good am I?

How good am I?  Good enough that I get to play with the DOR's grandson.  Sharkbait has never been on me before.  In fact my former snorty self frightened him a bit.  During his visit this week he has been feeding me my treats, in fact he looks forward to it.  Last night he put on his helmet and asked, "Grandma can I sit on Jack?"  "Well of course he can grandma!" was my response.  So Shakbait was lifted up and sat on me while I ate my treats.  I didn't move, not a step, not a wiggle, in fact not even a twitch other than my munching.  He had a grand time and asked if he could ride me for real.
Tonight is ride night and I hope that Sharkbait has fun.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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