Jack had a person problem

It is me the DOR.  I wanted to talk a bit about the journey Jack (aka Boogie) and I have been on. 
When I first saw Jack he stole my heart.  He wasn't the horse I would have picked out for myself, in fact he wasn't anything like the horse I was looking for at the time.  Jack picked me and for that I am grateful.  Jack was green, full of life, loving, and the biggest character you would ever meet at the time.  He and I have forged a partnership that has brought out the best in both of us.
In November when Jack had his werehorse incident (which by the way was rider caused) and fractured my pelvis I lost every bit of confidence I had.  I didn't ride all winter because I was healing up.  I had my friend Paul Rogers give Jack a tune-up for me the following spring and decided that our first ride would be at a clinic with Jack's old trainer.  I went to the clinic trembling in my boots, I was flat out afraid to get back in the saddle.  I also knew that this clinic would be the deciding factor in if I would ever ride again.  With the help of Bill Basham and my good friend Shelly Richardson I mounted up.  I took a deep breath and promptly dismounted.  I stood shaking with tears in my eyes, I just couldn't understand why I would be so afraid of the one horse I loved more than any other.  Bill told me he understood, he told me to trust my horse until he showed me he did not deserve my trust, and he told me to hum when I was afraid.  So I mounted up and probably hummed every song I knew for the next two days.  I left the clinic with some of my confidence restored, but still wary of my horse. 
Jack patiently helped me work through my fears.  He tried so hard to not respond to my nerves and worries.  Jack had to deal with a person problem...me
More tomorrow
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR, and DORs hug your horse!


Cheryl Ann said...

I haven't been on a horse since my fall, which was August of 2008...nearly 3 years...sigh...SOMEDAY!!!! Frankly, none of my horses are ready. I may take lessons this summer and get my confidence back up.


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