Hit like a ton of bricks

It looked like Jack and I were back on track, heading down the road that would help us become a team.  Then in in September of 2009 our legs were kicked right out from underneath us.  This is the first post that I made about Jack getting sick.  Besides Jack struggling to keep his feet, I struggled to hold on to hope.  For Jack and I this was the beginning of the longest journey that we would make together.  This is the time that Jack became known as Boogie, I started calling him that because he and I would dance again-it was a belief I had to hold on to. 
Luckily for both Boogie and I there were friends to help us keep moving forward.  Shelly Richardson, Dana Simsen, my husband and son all kept my spirits up.  Regan Gottlieb and Kelly Mills both provided guidelines for supportive care.  My vet Ernie Munck patiently helped figure out what had happened and answered endless questions. Debbie Shrock stepped in and provided physical therapy, energy work, and nutritional advice from the very first day.  She and her husband John have been there for Boogie during the past two years while he healed both physically and mentally.  I also had the invaluable assistance of an animal communicator, Leanna Whisperinghorse.
Boogie went through many changes during this time. There was a time when he didn't want anyone near him. There was a personality change for a bit. Then there was the rehabbing process of his body and mind.  During this time I also started making changes in myself.  I needed to loose weight, become physically and mentally stronger, and I needed to become the person that Boogie needed me to be.  We both spent two years in rehab....
There were times I wondered if Boogie would ever be more than a pasture pet, times I wondered if I would ever ride him again, and in the beginning I wondered if he would even survive. 
Survive he did and now we are working on a new chapter of our journey.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR, and DORs don't forget to hug your horses!


Cheryl Ann said...

What was it that Jack had? Was it a virus?

One Red Horse said...

No dry eyes here. What a story DOR! You and Boogie sure have pulled each other over some pretty rough trail!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Boogie suffered pyrethrine poisoning from the musquito spraying that they do he. It effected his nerves. He was ten goofing in the pasture with his Shandi Doll and took a spill. He suffered a severe concusion, a fractured neck, and twisted his back at his croup really bad.


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