Learning to dance again

Boogie and I had our first ride for a short circle early this spring.  He struggled, but tried hard.  He was put on an exercise regime to build his strength.  In February it became obvious that he still had some mental blocks interfering with his body.  So I went to work helping him learn that he was worried about his body when he didn't need to be anymore.  In April the old Jack was mentally back!  He wanted to work, he was bored, he had his sense of humor back, and he was making it clear now was the time.  So slowly we began to dance again, working not to step on each other's toes.
We both wanted to rush forward, to get back to where we were before this journey began.  Then I realized that where we were wasn't were we needed to be.  He needed to be stronger and I needed to be more confident.  Boogie went to spend time at Sun Mountain with Debbie Shrock.  She found that his mind was ahead of his body and that he needed to work on strength.  John gave Boogie his first pair of shoes to help support his hind end, they made a big difference.  Debbie got him out on trails.  Boogie climbed hills, he went down hills, and he grew stronger every day.
Debbie also rehabbed my confidence.  By having me lead trail rides I had to pay attention to something else besides what Boogie was doing.  I was turning in the saddle, riding turned backwards, talking to guests, making sure the line stayed together, and doing a job.  Before I realized it I was mounting without butterflies in my stomach, something I have not done since the werehorse incident.  I was riding in wind and pouring rain, all things I would have used as an excuse not to ride.  I got up every morning excited to be spending it riding Boogie, not even thinking about what shenanigans he might pull.
Boogied carried me three days straight for 4 to 6 hours.  We did things I only dreamed of doing.  The horse that could barely keep his feet was dancing in the hills and loving it.  The rider who lost her confidence found it again in a spot where she and her dad used to ride when she was much younger.  A wonder was worked on Sun Mountain, a wonder that has opened a new path on our journey.
Where do Boogie and I go from here?  Today he comes home and we continue our rehab.  We are getting ready to ride with Buck Brannaman at the end of July.  Imagine that, us doing something like that.  It is a dream come true.
Where we end up going is still a mystery, but I do know we are going there together.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR, and DORs don't forget to hug your horses!


Powell River Books said...

My mom like Boogie have worked hard in rehab. I think the work will never end, but the progress along the way is a success to celebrate. Good for both of you! - Margy

Breathe said...

Having a job to do is very powerful way to refocus your energy.


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