I am a riser!

Sunday was a beautiful day.  The sun was bright and not a cloud in the sky.  Then the wind kicked up, kicked up hard.  I took the DOR out on the breakfast ride and played caboose.  I wanted to show her even though I don't like being at the end of the line I can do it when asked.  On the way back to the stable I showed the DOR what I am really made of.  We were coming down a steep hill where one wrong step could cause a stumble down the hill.  I was going great when the rider in front of us had her black hat blow off her head and hit me right square between the eyes.  Now in the past not only would  I have blown marbles I most likely would have sat and spun sending the DOR and I sliding down the hill or worse.  Not this time, no way!  Seasoned wrangling horse that I am I just blew marbles, gave it the evil appy eye when it hit the ground and then stepped around it.  I have to compliment the DOR.  She has become more confident in me and instead of getting worried about what I would do she let me handle things.  The three days we spent on the trails has shown her that I am what her grandfather calls "a riser".  After the werehorse incident she was always a bit worried about things when she rode me.  Now she is confident and feels that she can trust me to take care of her.  She told the therapist that it is so nice to have that final barrier that has been between us gone.  I am thinking that we both needed this mountain therapy....
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

Looks like a beautiful place to ride, er ..., to take the DOR for a ride. Good going. - Margy


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