Getting out the yaya's

 The DOR took me to the arena to get out my yaya's before our first ride.  Now usually that would involve lots of snorts, bug eyes, bucking, and other highly animated behavior.  I decided to give her a really big surprise this year!

I was a perfectly well behaved appy!  I followed her directions, I paid attention to every request, and complied like a good boy.  I even surprised her by loping in both directions on the long line, the first time I have done this since my incapacitation.  Then to punctuate how great I am I jumped barrels both directions and did figure 8's around the barrels with the DOR giving directions from the ground.
To quote Mushboy I performed 'like a boss!'
The DOR was over the moon, she told me I looked the best ever.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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