Almost Anniversary

Little Sister has been with the herd for almost a year now.  She joined us starved, dehydrated, 1/2 blind, bad feet, and with scrapes and marks all over her.  She has blossomed while wrapped in the warmth of the herd's care.  She has even developed some appy spots, good thing since the DOR love us appys best.  Sister is 21 years old, that is middle-aged for an appy.  She gave here first ride to a light rider this spring.
Please consider taking in a horse in need...they will reward you greatly for your kindness.  Sister is the mother of world champions, hard to believe the heights and depths this fine lady had been to.  She is enjoying her retirement and gives so much love back to all who meet her.
If you live near Ellensburg, WA please join the DOR at Rodeo City Horse Daze and consider adopting one of their available horses.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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