Sitting again

Shoe update: not only did I get my lost shoe put back on, all my shoes were reset.  Now I have no valid reason not to put my spotted rear back to work. 
Here is a photo the the DOR enjoying one of her favorite things to do, gentling a horse.  She loves the time, peace, and centeredness of working in harmony with a horse.  The gentling process always teaches her something important about herself.  It is like spending hours on self reflection as she and the horse mirror each other.
I think she would love to have a job where all she did was gentle horses.  I do know she would miss the students that she works with.  Especially the ones at the alty, she says in many ways they are a reflection of what she does with us.
I wonder if I start acting like a wild/ungentled horse the DOR will spend hours trying to gentle me and not making me work....
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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