What does Darby do?

Just what does Darby do?  Seriously, what the heck is his job?  He expects to be treated like royalty and won't share his pasture.  The DOR rides him about twice a year.  He isn't too old, isn't lame, he is broke so why does he get to collect welfare?  It is like he is a perfectly fit riding horse who is retired.  I just don't get it, the rest of the herd have jobs, unless they are in retirement like Salty the Wonderhorse and Little Sister and they even help out where they can.  So again I ask...What does Darby do?

Well here is the answer...Sir Darby packs a very special little lady around when she comes to visit her grandmother the DOR.  The Little Princess calls Darby 'her horse' and indeed he is.  He loves her and will spend all day carrying her on his back.  He is genlte, kind, and ever so careful with her...a bit of a surprise considering he will harrass and terrorize any horse who dares to try and share a pasture with him.
The DOR says moments like this are why he is here and the rest of the time he just gets spoiled.  She says when I get older and calm down I can have the same kind of job.  I don't think so, I have no patience for little kids and their shenannigans.  I used to think Darby was just a grumpy, pompus horse.  Turns out that I was wrong, he has the patience of a saint and the courage of a hero.  I guess I need to quit talking mean about him...at least while the DOR's grandkids are around.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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