Appy strong

I know a lot about being strong.  I have learned about inner strength and physical strength.  I also know that sometimes one must struggle mightily to become stronger.
I learned these lessons from many places.  My mom who survived to be rescued from a terrible hoarder/abuser.  From the humans who have been in my life; Bub the soldier, Mushboy, the Horse Guardian, and the Cow Boss.  I learned many lessons from the horses at Sun Mountain.  Little Sister, was so thin and is blind in one eye, still she loves to chase cows.  Salty the Wonder Horse who is lame, but every once in awhile will challenge us to a hoof race.  The Mighty Q who had to learn to trust and give his heart to someone.  Then there was Freedom Dancer who taught us all a lessons about being strong,  how to live a long and happy life, along with the importance of taking care of those you love.
The DOR used to tell me when you are down on your knees you just need to stand.  Stood I did, not only did I stand, I learned to run and dance.
I encourage anyone who is struggling to realize what a great opportunity they are being given to become stronger.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!



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