Tahkoe the tolting princess

Tahkoe is Mushboy's little princess.  Mushboy calls her Tahkoe the Terrific, the herd calls her Tahkoe the Terrible because she chases us and likes to nip our rears.  It is a good thing Mushboy loves her.
The DOR has been working with her and has The Rodeo Rider starting her under saddle.  This is her third ride, taken yesterday, and the first time she has worn a bit.  She loves to tolt...actually I think she is trying to run away from her rider if the truth be told.
She will be entering training full-time shortly and will return as a nice saddle horse for Mushboy.  While Tahkoe is gone the DOR is going to start serious groundwork with Mighty Mouse.  I am not sure that he will be happy about that at all!
I was the the DOR's partner for her first equis therapy session.  I have never done that before and was surprised at how well it worked for her. It is the first time that she has had a real happy smile on her face and pure joy in her heart since the Heard Leader died.  I plan on having her do her homework and keeping that feeling there for her until her next session.  It is true that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a human.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug you DOR!



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