Bears at the ranch

So the peace of the ranch was disturbed yesterday by the buzzing of a gazillion and one wasps. Shandi's eyes about came out of her head. I was calm and collected as I hid behind her, I mean as I stood guarding her right flank. We kept a keen eye out for the little terrorists. Hopefully the traps the DOR set would stop them from attacking us. I looked over at the old farts pasture and they didn't look too worried. In fact I am sure that Freedom was giggling at me.
Salty informed me that Freedom was laughing at me because there were no wasps. There is a crew using chainsaws at the ranch. It seems chainsaws are some kind of tool that humans use to cut down trees. Now why would you want to cut down a perfectly good tree? Humans can be so strange. Well as long as there was not a gazillion and one wasps hovering I decided to go back to grazing. Shandi and I were relaxing, enjoying the sunshine and grass when Freedom called over, "Hey your royal blingness...you better watch your spotted butt because those chainsaws are being run by bears. Bears love nothing better than young big appy butts! Good thing I am a scrawny old fart." I took off to the far end of the pasture and spent the rest of the time the bears were there in the corner with my butt to the dairy. No way was any chainsaw packing bear sneaking up on me.
Thing I can't figure out is why all the other horses spent the day laughing. Although I have heard that sometimes laughter is a way to cover up fear...I guess they were all scared poopless.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Betty said...

That is very funny Jack. Chainsaw packing bears(LOL) Beware of the bears. I also hate wasps.You had better watch you lovely spotted butt,
♥♥ Hugs and Smooches ♥♥

Mama H said...

Hahaha, scared poopless! I bet your DOR would just love it if you guys really were poopless for a day! (You know, barring any colic effects)

anml_lvr said...

Wasps and any kind of bee: Freak. Me. Out. But a funny thing nonetheless!


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