Old farts can run

Here are Salty and Freedom, Mushboy's old fart horses, ripping after him in the pasture. It is spring and even the old guys are feeling frisky. It reminded the DOR of a line from Where The Wild Things Are "let the rumpus begin!" Salty's knee isn't bothering him and the treatment that Freedom is currently on for his cancer seems to be helping him feel better. Amazing how much they love their boy, they meet him at the entry gate every day and give him smooches.
I hope I have the energy of the two old guys when I am their age.
The DOR has planted wildflower seeds around the odd couples shelter, they should be sprouting in the next month or so. Freedom gets flowers replanted in his planters as needed, his favorites are British Daisies. Salty is getting extra brushing, he is a woolie yak during the winter. Spring is a wonderful time of year for us all!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Mama H said...

Jack, you and your gang are so lucky to have the DOR you have! You've got such a beautiful place to live and so much love! She takes great care of you guys, its no surprise you're all doing so well!


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