Quote for the week

Note to self-do not wear the shirt that says "I do my own stunts" with a picture of a bucking horse and rider to another clinic....not a good choice at all, bad karma.

~ The DOR

The DOR rode Sir Darby at a clinic yesterday. She had a good time for the most part. She made two crucial errors though. Error number one was riding a horse other than me at a clinic. I don't care if I can't be ridden yet, that just means she can't go to clinics. It is bad for her to be parading about with another horse in public. She can ride around the ranch or on trails all she wants...but showing off another horse besides me is just wrong! Crucial error number two was wearing her shirt that says "I do my own stunts", if you ask me she was just asking for trouble. She asked for trouble and she got it and there is a part of me (a very small part) that is laughing my spotted butt off at her.
The DOR and Sir Darby were at one end of the arena when a horse started acting up. The two of them moved to get out of the way only to be blocked by a mounting block, they maneuvered around it only to have the wind kick up and start flapping a pink flag around. Darby jumped sideways, that was fine, but then he sat on his haunches and spun-that was it. The DOR hadn't quite gotten regrouped from the jump sideways and she was leaning in the wrong direction to sit the spin and off she came. The DOR has decided that she really like having a suede seat on her saddle. She was riding her slick seat saddle and she finds it hard to stay centered on, she says it is like sitting on grease.
The DOR got back on Sir Darby and rode the rest of the clinic. They had a good time and learned a lot. The DOR will never where that shirt when riding again, best not to tempt fate.
By the was Sir Darby I saw you wearing my saddle blanket, saddle, and bridle. I have already told you to use your own tack. If you keep using my stuff I am going to give you a big ol' appy hood upside your head. I don't care if
the DOR puts it on you, just shake the saddle and blanket off every time she does that and refuse to take the bit. You are perfectly capable of making it clear that my stuff is mine! Oh and in case you didn't notice, the picture of the horse that was on the baseball cap the DOR wore today was of me, me not you Sir Darby so take that why don't you.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Leah Fry said...

Now, Jack. A horse as magnanimous as yourself can afford to be gracious. Here's hoping your DOR hurt nothing more than her pride. These old bodies don't bounce anymore, at least not out of the saddle.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

The DOR got her pride handed to her, but she is okay. A bruised butt and a bit stiff. She rode the rest of the day, although she was trying to keep her weight off of her right cheek.

Jocelyn said...

Now Now Jack.... Play nice...

Star will lose her mind if I am paying attention to another horse and not her. So like DOR we have learned to not tempt fate.

fernvalley01 said...

Soory the DOR had a spill!

Desert Rose said...

Jack...good idea bout the suede seat on saddles. I also wear my chinks even when it's hot...helps keep my butt in the saddle and not on the ground!!!


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