Less word Wednesday

Scooby sniffing for treats while he and the DOR were playing last Sunday.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Mama H said...

This game is so cool. I'm glad to see that Scooby has such a great home; many people couldn't be bothered to take the extra time needed for a blind horse. Do you know how Scooby was blinded? The pony I rode was an albino POA, and she was slowly blinded over the years due to "Snow Blindness" because the pink pigment around her eyes reflected the light right back into her eyes. Just curious, since Scooby is an Appy too, with that pink pigmentation.

Once Upon an Equine said...

Scooby has a great smile.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Mama H
Scooby had suffered from uveitus for years before I bought him. His former owner did not keep a mask on him to help protect his eyes or have the uveitus treated. Unfortunately, even with aggressive treatment from the time I got him, I couldn't prevent the inevitable.

mosul blog said...

this is funny picture


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