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No hoof no horse

An old, but true saying as far as it goes. But as the DOR and I have found out there is more to a horse than good feet.
I have wonderful feet, rock crushing appy feet, but I can't be ridden. My accident caused some serious muscular and neurological damage. I am recovering slowly, but the final outcome is still unknown and a long way off.
I got checked over and worked on by the equine therapist yesterday. She said I am a bit of a mess. I can't help it if I was dirty and furry, it is spring shedding time...I have a feeling that isn't what she was talking about. She spent a lot of time adjusting things and trying to get my butt connected to my brain again. Does that mean if I was a butt head the DOR would be happy?
There was a discussion that I need to go to the therapist's facility for two weeks of intensive bodywork. I don't like being away from home, so I am trying to prove I don't need to go. The DOR teases me that if I can never be ridden again she is going to turn me into a cart pony...I don't think so!
Sir Darb and Freedom also got worked on. Sir Darby was deemed in fine shape only needing a few adjustments. Freedom is doing well for an ancient fart.
The point of this post is that people need to remember there are more things that impact a horses being able to be ridden than their feet. Teeth can cause riding issues. A horse needing chiropractic adjustments can cause bucking under saddles. Ulcers can cause odd behaviors. A simple fall in the pasture can cause nerve damage. Humans know how much maintenance their bodies take, horses need the same thing.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Mrs Mom said...

Excellent point Jack. I do tend to look from the ground up- this is a good reminder of looking UP, at the WHOLE HORSE.

Keep getting better, Spotted Wonder!

Powell River Books said...

Feeling a bit under the weather myself I know that one part of the body can affect a lot of other parts. When I first looked at your picture I thought you were shedding out nice and getting a nice summer glow starting on your rump. Looking good can lead to feeling good. - Margy

Heather said...

Jack you are so right...we as DOR's need to take care of the whole pony..not just your tootsies. Get Better quick!

Florida Beach Basics said...

Don't give up. marge

Leah Fry said...

Take care of yourself so you and the DOR can ride off into the sunset.

Desert Rose said...

You rock Jack!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor Jack :(

Feel better, k? Your DOR will feel better, too.

But this quote is so true. I've realized it with Apache's teeth as well. And seeing how Apache acted after her chiro...wow...she felt so relaxed, she could barely stand up. lol!



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