Freedom speaks Saturday-running

This is a video of Jack having a fit because Sir Darby is not in the pasture next to him. Jack teased about Darby having fits about a mare and here he is throwing a fit because Sir Darby is giving The Wrestler a riding lesson.
For those of you that don't know Jack suffered an accident and fractured his neck last September. For several days he was barely able to stand, let along goof around. He reminded me of myself when I lost my butt a couple of years ago. I think I have inspired him to do well in his recovery. After all the twerp will not be out-done by an "old fart" and on a good day I can still rip up and down the pasture with the best of them. He is moving pretty good and will soon be carrying some light weight as he continues his journey to get back into riding shape.
Jack is a big baby, throwing a fit over a gelding no less-geeze you think he would get all bothered by a mare.
Life is sooooo good!


Sherry Sikstrom said...

He is moving well ,compared to how bad it was last year , keep inspiring him Freedom! you are all doing good work

Anonymous said...
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restoration42 said...

Jack - nice moves. My mom thinks I am being buddy sour when I dash around and bellow like than. Hmmmmph! We know how important it is to look fine and fierce when by ourselves just in case horse eating monsters are creeping in. Nice to see you in such outstanding fighting form.

Red Horse


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