I apologize for the sporadic posting, but the DOR is feeling like the poor little overloaded donkey in the picture. With her dad being so ill, moving her department to another office, and her allergy to the glue used to lay the new carpet she is swamped.
I have been busy challenging Sir Royal Pain to foot races, so far it is a 50/50 split-but I think he cheats. He bit me the other day when I gloated about winning, so I am working on being a better sport. I do my victory dance by the fence and when he comes at me pinny eared I dance out of reach so when he reaches for me he gets zapped by the hot wire.
I am climbing the hills in my pasture and getting stronger everyday. I also had to figure out which horse on the hillside pasture is my Shandi Doll. She is out with the big horses and that seems to have rubbed off on her, she doesn't look like my baby dolly any more. Probably a good thing she is out there, mares are moody and get grouchy.
The DOR and Mushboy are going to see Buck Brannaman in Dayton. I know that will mean more work for someone. Luckily it won't be me because I am on a strict rehabilitation program...looks like Sir Darby will be the winner. The farrier and my therapist will be here on Saturday. I will get re-evaluated and my rehab program adjusted as needed. The DOR is also going to take a riding lesson, she is threatening to pony me at a trot if I don't behave.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Mrs. Mom said...

Hug your DOR from me Jack. We're praying for her Dad, and that all goes well.

Now c'mon Jack, don't you feel bad missing out on hearing what that wonderful horseman has to say? ;) I'd bet he'd be congratulating you on how well your training of your human is coming along!

Anonymous said...
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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great to hear from you anyway. I totally understand feeling swamped. For some reason I thought this summer would be more relaxed and laid back. haha!

Give that DOR a hug and tell her we hope she fells better from that glue allergy....tel her to stop sniffing glue. Doesn't she know it's not good for her? (wink)
Prayers for her Dad, too.

Best wishes on your rehab program, Jack. You don't want to end up like that poor swingin' donkey.


jc said...

Hope your DOR feels better soon. I hope you'll be kind to her!

Poor donkey - what a terrible life some animals lead.


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