Wisdom teeth, humans have smart teeth?

It turns out that humans have something called wisdom teeth....
Hmmmm, teeth that make you smart. That sounds like a good thing, we all want to be smart. I was thinking that I must have a whole mouth full wisdom teeth because I am a genius appy. I bet those are the only teeth that old fart Freedom has left because he is really smart. I am sure that Sir Royal Pain doesn't have any at all, because if he did he would be smart enough to want to be my best friend.
Turns out that humans don't keep their wisdom teeth, they have them removed on purpose. Well that explains a whole lot of things about the DOR doesn't it?
Mushboy is having his wisdom teeth removed today. Seems that humans do this to their offspring as soon as possible. Seems to me they would let them keep those wisdom teeth so they could get as many smarts as possible before removing them. Oh well, humans are strange sometimes. I have on suggestion for Mushboy-RUN AND HIDE! Keep all of your smarts as long as you can young man. If Mushboy does not get away and they end up taking his genius making teeth Freedom and I will make sure to keep him as smart as possible.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Jocelyn said...

i need to have mine removed but alas I worry about getting that OLD timers stuff.

I never had genius teeth, those would have come in handy!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

I had mine out at 16 , hope Mushboy does well with it .I walked around lookng very similar to that squirrel for about a week


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