Tools of the trade

The DOR loves to look at tack. She loves worn, well used saddles and bridles. When she visits different trainers she is always interested in how they have their tack ready to use.
This is the Trail Bosses tack display. He keeps his equipment in a tack room to protect it from the elements. When he is going to be training, starting colts, or riding he gets all of his tack out and ready to use. This fence is right by the round pen and easy to get to. The tack that he needs to use on the horse that will be working in the round pen is moved to hang on its rails.
I am glad that the only tack that I am having to wear is a halter, lead rope, and my fly mask. It is tooo hot as far as I am concerned to have to be working. The DOR plans to change that a bit. She and Sir Royal Pain are going to learn to pony my spotted butt around. Seems the therapist said I have to work a bit harder, trotting, and I have put on weight. Alrighty then, we will see how that all works out. I am thinking that Darby will threaten to lay down if he is asked to work too hard. If he doesn't I can always lay down-bet that will throw a spanner in the works.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

What an interesting photo! I hope my DOR NEVER puts that stuff on me! Heheheheheh!


Anonymous said...
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