Is a famous clinician pro slaughter?

Both of the horses in this photo were slated to be slaughtered...they were rescued and have gone on to live wonderful lives. They are safe and well loved. All but two of the DORs horses have been rescued from a kill buyer.
Mark Rashid recently blogged about horse slaughter. Now it can be said that he should be commended for stating his stance, and maybe he should, but it is disconcerting that he will delete any comments made in opposition or questioning what he had to say.
This topic is as hot as they come and causes strong emotions to overtake rational discourse. The DOR is very opinionated about horse slaughter and tries to conduct herself rationally when expressing those opinions (she is not always successful). When she read Mark's blog she was so disappointed to find that a horseman that she admires feels that slaughter is an acceptable method of controlling the unwanted horse population. Mark argues that if the transport was safe and humane, the butchering process done humanely that there should be no reason not to use slaughter as population control. Alrighty then, but the simple fact is transporting horses to slaughter is done in a cruel fashion. The DOR has seen first hand what happens to horses who go down in the truck, who are rejected at the packing plant, who travel for over 24 hours with no food, water, or rest-simply put it is cruel and inhumane. A private horse owner would face animal cruelty charges if they did that to their own horse. Slaughter plants are terrifying to horses, they have a higher thought process than cows. Maybe Mark can come up with a way to make the process humane...but until then horse slaughter as it now exists is simply a criminal act that humans perpetuate on creatures they say they love.
Owning a horse is a privilege, not a right. Part of the obligation that goes along with that privilege is making sure an old, ill/lame, dangerous, or unwanted horse is properly taken care of and at times that means humane euthanasia.
That is this spotted pony's soapbox for the week. Please be kind with your comments because I am going to leave up ones that don't agree with me-no potty words or name calling.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


mrscravitz said...

Very Good Topic Syndi, and I am not totally against horse slaughter. I AM against the way in which it is done! There does have to be something to control the population. I do think GELDING a lot of the stallions would help, but then it only takes one stallion to make lots of babies. Clouds herd tears my heart apart as to what the BLM is doing with the wild horses.

You are right in that horses have a more thinking mind than a cow. But still, it is a sad state of affairs!

We need to work on stopping the ASSHAT breeders out there. They contribute to the slaughter houses.

I think what tore me up so much about selling Sissy was the prospect of her ever going to slaughter! I could not handle that! I was fortunate in that I did find her a forever home, and if for some reason and unforeseen circumstances, I will get offered her back to me. I see her on a weekly basis, and know that she is well taken care of and has a good home.

Libby on the other hand; when I purchased her, the lady certainly wanted updates! I have emailed her twice! Once with an update, and a second time with some questions! My first email was deleted, and the second one was never responded to! I feel they have washed their hands of Libby!

Horses are our hearts! Well mine anyway. And you are right, It IS a privilege to have one. I have waited 50 years to have my own horse. They are a responsibility! One that I do not take lightly!

Some people treat horses like Equipment/machinery/material items! Which rubs me the wrong way! I have neighbors that have a favorite saying: "Oh, 'they' are just a farm animal!" be it cow, dog, horse, or what ever!

I do not! They are a living, breathing, caring, soulful, warm, creature of God. They deserve the utmost respect and care.

I feel we have as a society failed them in this area.

I read fugly quite often, and cry a lot at some of the posts. She puts things out there, pulling no punches! If I had 20 acres I would need more, because I would be taking all those poor sad neglected horses! I have a hubby that keeps me in check because If I did take in rescues, I might end up like some of the meaningful people that WANT TO help and get in over their head.

I am off my soap box now! LOL

mrscravitz said...
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restoration42 said...

Hey Jack, your DOR and Cherie are both stewing over this Mark Rashid guy. Cherie has mentioned him before and I thought he was pretty cool cuz he is so aware of how we horses live in the world. Just doesn't make sense how a human could seem to understand us equines and then go and say slaughter is an ok thing. Doesn't he know how sensitive we are to emotions? And how our sense of smell and hearing is very well developed. Fear is the emotion of the slaughter box, and the smell is of blind panic and death. My human Cherie has been working hard with me on my calmness. She knows that if I think I'm in any danger I panic, and try to get the heck out of there. I just don't get this Rashid guy. Hasn't he ever seen the eyes of a horse being slaughtered. There is no mercy for that horse, only a terror filled death. Jack, you and your herd and me and mine are sure lucky that our humans are too horse-savy to be fooled into thinking that slaughter is good for horses. It is only good for the folks who get rich off of sending our kind to be scarfed on by rich people in other countries. Blech!

Later Dude,

Red Horse

The Author said...

Hi Syndi,

I just wrote a book over on your FB page. Just can't stand the idea of sending these animals overseas to meet a horrific fate just because they are old, they are misunderstood, they are too expensive. But I think if you breed a horse in these financial times where people are hurting, you need to make a commitment to that horse for life. Don't breed unless you are willing to care for what you produce.

mommanator said...

Idont understand! how can there be too many horses!?

Anonymous said...
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