Freedom speaks Saturday-a beautiful gift

Hi, I have been spending the last few days just hanging out in my shelter daydreaming. I have been remembering all the great adventures and people I have had in my life. At my age that is a full-time activity! This photo is of my last trail ride in October of 2007. I showed all of the youngsters how things were done. Now I enjoy lazy days and lots of spoiling...I am winding down and that is how it should be.

anml_lvr at Life of a High Schooler gave us a wonderful gift! She wrote us a poem and posted it on her blog. Please go visit her site, it is truly delightful.
Here is a copy of the post:

This is a small writing piece for the DOR and her human friends and for Cactus Jack Splash and his horsy friends. In loving memory of...Ginger.

I can feel the sun on my back, the rays warming me.
I can feel the soft green grass, the luscious temperatures cooling my hooves.
I can feel the embrace of my loved ones, who are still way down there.
I can feel the new energy, because it’s coursing through me as I run.

I can hear the ground pounding beneath me, are those really my hooves?
I can hear my new horsy friends whinnying joyously; spring makes them feel young again.
I can hear the hummingbirds flitting about, aren’t the wings so pretty?
I can hear the streams flowing in the distance; the sound is relaxing and peaceful.

I can see my family below me, carrying on but still remembering.
I can see little creeks flowing lazily over the rocks.
I can see all around me, knowing that I will never leave this beautiful place.
I can see myself being happy for the rest of my time here.
Oh Life is so good!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful poem. Freedom you are a special horse.

dean said...

that is a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing. And i love the photograph too, and your description of how you showed all the youngsters how it was done.

Leah Fry said...

You've earned all those memories, old man. Enjoy!

Powell River Books said...

Nice memories and you were really looking good! Here's to lazy days and continued recovery. - Margy

Florida Beach Basics said...

a lovely poem - I've shared it with several folks.


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