Freedom speaks Saturday

What does an old toothless horse give to the DOR for her birthday? This picture says it all...I didn't have near the struggle standing to get my hooves done today as I have been. I even ran the pasture like a youngster when my "wife" Rainie went out to get her feet done without me. I settled down once I joined her in the cue. I needed a bit of support, but not too much.
I was thrilled to see Mushboy back, he has been visiting the Wrestler for the past week. I got a double dose of scritches with the rake....oh man I love that!
Mushboy thinks if I had a large covered arena, a quarter of an acre in size, planted with grass and kept 70 degrees at all times I could live forever. Well that is something to think about isn't it?
Life is soooo good!


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Yay for Freedom. If it could be done , to keep you alive and well forever , I believe your DOR would do what had to be done to make it happen. WHat a wonderful old fellow you are. And Happy Birthday to the DOR


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